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Number of credits ECTS: 6
Department (s): MA IV / MAT
?Codi UPC: 300205

    Syllabus for the subject
    Evaluation criteria

    Information for the semester 2021-1:

      Degrees in which the course is offered Types
      GR ENG ÀMBIT AERO, pla 2014 OB (1B)
      GR ENG SIST AEROESP, pla 2015 OB (1B)
      DG TIT (AGRUP SIM), pla 2015 OB (1B)
      DG ENG AERO/SIS TEL, pla 2015 OB (1B)
      DG ENG AERO/TELEMÀT, pla 2015 OB (1B)

    Data de generació 27/01/2022