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Títol: Juego de puzzle para aplicación de gamificación (2)

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Departament: DAC

Títol: Juego de puzzle para aplicación de gamificación (2)

Data inici oferta: 15-07-2022     Data finalització oferta: 15-03-2023

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Tipus: Individual
Lloc de realització: EETAC
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Mejoras en classpip
Overview (resum en anglès):
In this project we have created a classroom gamification application where
the students learn through a game, in this case a puzzle. This project is
carried out in the Classpip ecosystem, which is a set of end of grade projects
carried out by the school's own students and supervised by Miguel Valero
and Roc Messeguer.
Classpip is a classroom gamification tool. By this we mean using learning
techniques, thus achieving a greater connection with the student and a
greater motivation for them. These games provide greater cooperation
between students through multiplayer mode game. In addition, it provides an
improvement in psychomotor skills among other benefits.
Our project has been focused on the realization of an application integrated
on ClassPip ecosystem, where students can choose between different
games and where the teacher personalizes and creates the games to adapt
it to the needs of the students. In this way, the creation of an ecosystem of
interconnected apps between them. For example, to finish the memorama
game the student needs one of the cards, where the puzzle must have been
previously completed. Thus interconnect both applications and that the
student has to perform both tests. This is a complex job, therefore, the apps
are available to students who in the future want to implement these projects.
The realization of this project has been working in pairs, together with my
partner Daniel Galan, who has helped to reinforce aspects such as teamwork
and cooperation, under the supervision and monitoring of both professors
Miguel and Roc.

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