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Títol: Disseny d'una pantalla de LEDs controlada per infrarojos


Departament: EEL

Títol: Disseny d'una pantalla de LEDs controlada per infrarojos

Data inici oferta: 10-02-2015     Data finalització oferta: 10-10-2015

Estudis d'assignació del projecte:
    Tipus: Individual
    Lloc de realització: EETAC
    Paraules clau:
    pantalla de LEDs, microcontroladors, infrarojos
    Descripció del contingut i pla d'activitats:
    El projecte té com objectiu el disseny d'un rellotge digital en
    una pantalla de LEDs controlat per un comandament a distancia
    per infrarojos. Utilitzant un microcontrolador es controlarà una
    pantalla de LEDs, un receptor de infrarojos i un rellotge extern
    (real timer).S'han de triar els components adients, disseny
    hardware i programació d'algorismes de control i comunicació.
    Overview (resum en anglès):

    LED technology has been a major breakthrough for our modern society. Among its virtues we find energy savings compared with incandescent and fluorescent lighting technologies, and the creation of a new information channel
    signalling with LED screens. LED displays have enabled way to dynamically inform people in almost any scenario and from a great distance. In the last 25 years an industry specialized in manufacturing LED screens has been developed.
    One of these specialized companies, MP Electronics, intends to develop a new product consisting of a LED screen to display the time and date. In addition,the product will have the option to work as a chronometer or stopwatch,
    controlled through an infrared remote control. This product is intended for places such as offices, receptions or even universities where the stopwatch function is very useful for lectures or examinations.
    The goal of this TFC is the designing of the product’s prototype both at the hardware as well as the software level. This process will include the device initial concept, electronic components selection, electrical circuit and printed circuit board design, C language microcontroller programming and finally the assessment of the design in view of optimizing it for industrial production.
    For the device development we will work with a microcontroller, which will deal
    with the management of all the other components; an integrated RTCC (Real
    Time Clock Calendar) with SPI communication in order to obtain one of the
    main requirements, the minimum time deviation in the long-term; a circuit for
    infrared communication, with witch the user can access all the device
    functionality; and finally the entire electronics designed to display information
    with the matrix LED display.
    Being a project developed for industry, it is essential to develop the best
    product taking into account two important factors: time and cost.

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