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Títol: Aplicació mòbil híbrida integrada amb un ERP open source

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Departament: ENTEL

Títol: Aplicació mòbil híbrida integrada amb un ERP open source

Data inici oferta: 21-06-2017     Data finalització oferta: 21-02-2018

Estudis d'assignació del projecte:
Tipus: Individual
Lloc de realització: EETAC
Paraules clau:
aplicación, app, mòbil, móvil, smartphone, android, odoo, erp, open source, hybrid, hibrida
Descripció del contingut i pla d'activitats:
Overview (resum en anglès):
According to a study conducted by ATI - Association of Computer Technicians [1], 8 out of 10 Spanish companies use ERP tools for their management. In view of the recurrent use of these tools by companies, it has been thought to develop a hybrid mobile application that improves the management of the company and enhances the ERP functionalities.

This application allows you to connect to an open source[19] ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning)[2] tool from mobile platforms, facilitating the company's own management without the need to be physically in the office. With this application managers can give users access, list customers with their contact data, products and services, business opportunities and list their employees to which they can filter by their knowledge, among other features.

In order to create the application, it has been used a development platform that permits the generation of applications for mobile devices with operative system Android[17], iOS[20] and Windows.

Regarding the server, two different ERP installations have been used, one installed on a Windows computer and another installed on a Linux machine.

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