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Títol: Implementació i desplegament d’una tenda online i terminal de venta al públic


Departament: ENTEL

Títol: Implementació i desplegament d’una tenda online i terminal de venta al públic

Data inici oferta: 26-06-2017     Data finalització oferta: 26-02-2018

Estudis d'assignació del projecte:
Tipus: Individual
Lloc de realització: EETAC
Paraules clau:
OpenERP Odoo implementació ERP nginx docker VPS
Descripció del contingut i pla d'activitats:
Overview (resum en anglès):
Nowadays we can see how all business move a big volume of data, where especially the big companies know how to take out profit given his big infrastructure and own software that allow them winning in terms of efficiency and productivity.
On the other band, the small and medium enterprises can not have the same tools and utilities for the business management of their companies, due to high costs of this software.

For this reason, this work tries to present an Enterprise Resource Planning application with open source code(OpenERP), known in the lasts versions as Odoo. This, will be implemented as a solution in a small business of Sant Vicenç dels Horts in Barcelona. It is an implantation with a real application, for such improvement of the efficiency of the processes in the company.
This software allow us endow any business a suitable tools for managing, since the management of industrious or customers, inventory of products, management of suppliers, point of sale and so on.

This document shows since the previous analysis of the business, until the final implementation of the application deployed in some real environment in production.

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