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Títol: La relación entre aeropuerto y sociedad. Un análisis desde la responsabilidad social en ingeniería aplicado a BCN.


Departament: FIS

Títol: La relación entre aeropuerto y sociedad. Un análisis desde la responsabilidad social en ingeniería aplicado a BCN.

Data inici oferta: 03-07-2017     Data finalització oferta: 03-03-2018

Estudis d'assignació del projecte:
    Tipus: Conjunt     Nombre d'estudiants per realitzar-ho: 2-3
    Lloc de realització: EETAC
    Paraules clau:
    aeropuerto, sociedad, responsabilidad, análisis, entrevista, encuesta, indicador, gestión
    Descripció del contingut i pla d'activitats:
    La propuesta tiene por objetivo analizar la integración de la responsabilidad social
    (RS) en la estrategia de la planificación y gestión aeroportuaria.

    Para ello, se identificarán los planos en que se materializa dicha RS y cómo se
    trabaja con los stakeholders, para llevar a cabo el diseño y evaluación de un

    Las actividades orientativas son: estado del arte y práctica, identificación de
    stakeholders, estudio cualitativo y cuantitativo, definición y evaluación del
    indicador/es. Análisis de resultados y conclusiones.

    Overview (resum en anglès):
    In this project, an approach to stakeholders' dialogue from the perspective of
    Corporate Social Responsibility has been carried out in the Airport of Barcelona
    - El Prat area, in order to analyze the impact caused by the airport activity and
    its evolution in the interest groups that may be affected by the actions that the
    airport might have.

    For this, throughout the first chapter a review through history is done from the
    emergence of the concept of ethics to its metamorphosis and relationship with
    Social Responsibility, going through the definition of sustainable development
    and seeing how global awareness of the social, labor and environmental issues
    have been emerging over the years. Then, the key of this work focuses on
    Corporate Social Responsibility, along with all the nuances that it presents and
    the stakeholder concept. This chapter closes with several examples of the most
    important CSR ambassadors around the world to see what kind of decisions they
    make and how they have influenced others.

    Next, a study is made of the most influential interest groups of the Airport of
    Barcelona - El Prat and the relationship that exists between them and with
    AENA. In order to know this information first hand, the methodology used is
    based on the performance of qualitative (interviews) or quantitative (surveys)
    investigations depending on the interest group that is being consulted.

    Finally, the compilation of the information obtained through these investigations
    will allow us to know the true interests of each group consulted and sum up with
    some broad conclusions where the current situation in the aviation sector will be
    assessed and, more specifically, the attitude that AENA takes with Corporate
    Social Responsibility in the case of Barcelona Airport - El Prat.

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