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Títol: Valoración de la cartera de Slots


Departament: FIS

Títol: Valoración de la cartera de Slots

Data inici oferta: 07-07-2017     Data finalització oferta: 15-07-2017

Estudis d'assignació del projecte:
    Tipus: Individual
    Lloc de realització: Fora UPC    
            Supervisor/a extern: Lorenzo Botton
            Institució/Empresa: Vueling
            Titulació del Director/a: Crew Control Manager
    Paraules clau:
    Descripció del contingut i pla d'activitats:
    Calcular el precio ficticio de los
    slots que disponemos, ver como afectan
    las limitaciones en slots a la hora de
    realizar el programa de Vueling (slots
    que no se pueden conseguir,
    regulaciones en espacio europeo, FDP)
    en aeropuertos congestionados ( BCN,
    AMS y LGW), aeropuertos con
    estacionalidad (PMI o IBZ) y como caso
    en particular el aeropuerto de ORY.
    Overview (resum en anglès):
    The main objective of this project is the assessment of the Slots of a Low-Cost Airline, such as Vueling, in a series of congested airports and/or with temporality.

    These airports are Barcelona El-Prat, Ámsterdam Schipol, París – Orly, Londres – Gatwick, Ibiza and Palma de Mallorca.

    In the first chapter of this paper the most important points of the IATA Worldwide Slot Guidelines are summarized. They explain the tasks of airport coordination and its importance. You can see the different airports levels which we will focus on the level three airports. To finish the chapter, the principles of Slot allocation are explained.

    In chapter 2, the studies that have been carried out, their methodology and the results obtained to obtain the valuation of the Slots are explained. This assessment is achieved after a four-band study that includes an exhaustive study of demand balance and airport capacity of slots, a study of Slots affected by regulations, an analysis of flight occupancy and cancellations of those.

    In the last chapter 3, Slots have been classified into three groups: revisable, stable and excellent, from lower to higher interest correspondingly. The classification of each Slot in the groups is done by evaluating their characteristics. These characteristics have a direct relationship with the studies carried out. The life of the Slot, the average occupation it has had, the regulations it has suffered, its average delay are some of these characteristics.

    As additional information, three annexes have been written, in which additional legislation can be found to that explained in chapter 1. A series of definitions of terms and abbreviations used in this document are also found. A final annex with illustrations and tables resulting from studies and work can also be seen.

    The assessment is the project's own conclusion. This assessment is made up of all Slots, both departure and arrival, of the different study airports and it can be found attached to this work.

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