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Títol: Análisis y mejora de procesos documentales a bordo de la aeronave en aerolíneas

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Departament: FIS

Títol: Análisis y mejora de procesos documentales a bordo de la aeronave en aerolíneas

Data inici oferta: 19-10-2017     Data finalització oferta: 19-05-2018

Estudis d'assignació del projecte:
    Tipus: Individual
    Lloc de realització: Fora UPC    
            Supervisor/a extern: Laura Sancho Vidal
            Institució/Empresa: Vueling
            Titulació del Director/a: Ing. Aeronáutico
    Paraules clau:
    Airline, documentation, distribution, digital, lean, modelling, simulation, improvement
    Descripció del contingut i pla d'activitats:
    Puntos del documento académico:

    1. Estado del arte sobre digitalización de la empresa y optimización de

    procesos (Lean, 6-Sigma, etc.).

    2. Metodología de trabajo.

    3. Análisis de procesos y acciones de mejora. Aplicación al caso de estudio.

    4. Diseño del nuevo proceso. Aplicación al caso de estudio.

    5. Modelización y simulación de procesos. Aplicación al caso de estudio.

    6. Análisis de resultados.

    7. Conclusiones y futuras líneas de investigación.

    Overview (resum en anglès):

    In this document the documentary processes on board an aircraft in airlines are going to be analyzed and some improvements for this processes will be proposed. It starts from an initial stage where this processes are completely analogical and all the documentation on board is in physical format or paper. However, in order to reduce costs and the time required for this processes, it will have to evolve to the introduction of the electronic flight bag or EFB that will replace almost all the physical documentation on board an aircraft for two tablets –one for the pilot and other for the copilot– that will contain all of them in digital format.

    Thereby, the objective of this project begins with analyzing this initial state, identifying potential inefficiencies and bottlenecks, and ends with the study of how this processes will be changed in long term with the implementation of the EFB. Between this two points, and starting from the analysis of the initial state, some improvements are proposed in order to optimize this process so that, on the one hand they might be made more efficient in a short and medium term without waiting for the full implementation of the EFB, since this is a change that can take months or even years; and on the other hand we prepare the ground for the introduction of this devices with the first steps in the road of the digital transformation.
    Finally, using a modeling and simulation of the processes, we study the benefits of this improvements making a detailed comparison of the different stages of this evolution (initial state, implemented optimization measures and replacement of physical documentation for the EFB).

    This project is done in collaboration with the airline Vueling, so as a case of study we will take the work done by his department “Technical Documentation”, placed in the Barcelona – El Prat Airport, which is responsible of keeping updated and in a good condition all the documentation of their fleet, formed by approximately 107 aircrafts. For this, the author of this project will be integrated in this department for a period of 6 months in which he will can see this processes firsthand, identify his problems and introduce the required improvements. The collaboration with this company will be also used to collaborate with the responsible of the incorporation of the EFB to the airline and study how it will affect to technical documentation department specifically.

    The final goal of this project is to identify failures in the initial processes that can be fixed to improve the results before the implementation of the EFB, and at the same time establish a good foundation for the future

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