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Títol: Dockerización de los servicios de a bordo y mejora en la planificación y ejecución de planes de vuelo en el Drone Engineering Ecosystem

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Departament: DAC

Títol: Dockerización de los servicios de a bordo y mejora en la planificación y ejecución de planes de vuelo en el Drone Engineering Ecosystem

Data inici oferta: 10-02-2023     Data finalització oferta: 10-10-2023

Estudis d'assignació del projecte:
Tipus: Individual
Lloc de realització: EETAC
Segon director/a (UPC): MESEGUER PALLARÈS, ROC
Altres: Pablo Royo
Departament 2n director/a:
Paraules clau:
Drons, Drone Engineering Ecosystem, telemàtica, Docker, Docker Compose, backend, Python, Flutter
Descripció del contingut i pla d'activitats:
Overview (resum en anglès):
The aim of this work is primarily the adaptation of the communication structure and its environment, in which the on-board services of the Drone Engineering Ecosystem (DEE) are located. The objective is to facilitate the installation and use of these services within the drone, also improving their efficiency while being executed, through the use of a technology known as Docker, commonly employed in many production environments.

To achieve this goal, the corresponding Dockerfile will be developed for each required image, with the intention of creating the set of containers that will form the Docker-based ecosystem. All these containers will be grouped according to the configuration established in a file named docker-compose.yml, based on the Docker Compose tool, used for the management of several containers.

In addition to this development, this project also focuses on the creation of an air backend, located on the drone's Raspberry Pi, and a ground backend, located on the Classpip server, available as part of another collaborative project within the EETAC. The goal of the development of these two storage points, is to save in them information associated with flight plans and executed flights, in relation with Dashboard application and the Flutter developed mobile application, two different components within the drone ecosystem.

Once these two new storage components are implemented within the ecosystem, the necessary modifications and contributions will be made to enable these mentioned applications, both the Dashboard and the one developed in Flutter, to create flight plans, capture images and videos, and subsequently visualize all these multimedia files within the applications themselves, for a proper analysis of the obtained results.

With the intention of verifying the set of contributions made to the ecosystem, the relevant tests will be conducted on real flights at the DroneLab, to assess the effectiveness of the implemented modifications, communications, and structures in both the on-board software and the modified applications.

Throughout the entire report, efforts will be made to document and explain accurately the set of changes made to existing components, or the new ones developed, with the view of serving as a guide for future students intending to continue this work or make use of the developed tools.

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