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Títol: Analysis of the communication system of the flight termination system in rockets

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Departament: TSC

Títol: Analysis of the communication system of the flight termination system in rockets

Data inici oferta: 12-04-2023     Data finalització oferta: 12-12-2023

Estudis d'assignació del projecte:
Tipus: Individual
Lloc de realització: EETAC
Paraules clau:
Rocket, FTS, FPGA
Descripció del contingut i pla d'activitats:
This TFG proposes an analysis of the communication system of the
Flight Termination System, FTS, with the aim of evaluating its
reliability and effectiveness in ensuring the safe termination of
rocket flights. We have considered two phases:
1) Analysis and review of the various components and processes
involved in transmitting and receiving signals, as well as an
evaluation of the communication protocols and standards used in
the FTS.
2) We propose the development of a Flight Termination Receiver,
FTR, in an FPGA, with the goal of overviewing the process of
setup of the system.
Overview (resum en anglès):
The aim of this thesis is to comprehensively investigate and develop a Flight Termination
System (FTS) for ensuring the safety of rockets during their flights. The study
focuses on understanding the specific requirements mandated by the regulatory authorities,
such as the Range Commanders Council 319 Commonality Standard (RCC
319), as well as the considerations arising from the trajectory and unique conditions
encountered by the rocket.
Overall, this thesis presents a comprehensive exploration of the development and analysis
of a Flight Termination System for rocket safety. It covers the normative requirements,
trajectory considerations, link budget calculations, methodology development,
and the overall process of FTS development. The findings and insights derived from
this research contribute to the advancement of SDR technology on rocket safety systems
and provide valuable guidance for future endeavors in the field.

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