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Títol: Diseño del nuevo Programa de Mantenimiento de AEA para el B737 MAX

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Departament: FIS

Títol: Diseño del nuevo Programa de Mantenimiento de AEA para el B737 MAX

Data inici oferta: 20-07-2023     Data finalització oferta: 20-03-2024

Estudis d'assignació del projecte:
Tipus: Individual
Lloc de realització: Fora UPC    
        Supervisor/a extern: Rafael Martínez Romero
        Institució/Empresa: Air Europa
        Titulació del Director/a: Responsable Mantenimiento AEA
Paraules clau:
Camo, Came, Mantenimineto, Componentes, Crs, Mel, Mps, Inspección, Tareas, Aeronaves, Flota, Sistemas, Aeronavegabilidad
Descripció del contingut i pla d'activitats:
Creación del documento de referencia MPS para asegurar las
condiciones de aeronavegabilidad de las aeronaves de la nueva flota
B737MAX de AirEuropa. En este documento se detallará los tipos de
inspección y las tareas de mantenimiento a realizar, tanto a la
aeronave como a los componentes que integran sus sistemas, así como
los periodos o la utilización de la aeronave entre inspecciones.
Overview (resum en anglès):
The present Final Degree Project (TFG) focuses on the study and development of a new Maintenance Program intended for the future fleet of B737-MAX aircraft that Air Europa plans to incorporate in the year 2024. The importance of this project lies in the need to implement an appropriate Maintenance Program to ensure the safe and efficient operation of these next-generation aircraft, with an additional emphasis on the environmental benefits derived from transitioning to a more modern and efficient fleet.
In the current phase, the Maintenance Program for the B737-MAX fleet is in full development, anticipating the official incorporation of the new aircraft into Air Europa's fleet. This proactive approach seeks to address the inherent complexities of the new models, ensuring that once operational, they have a robust Maintenance Program tailored to their specific characteristics.
The Maintenance Program plays a vital role in an airline as it ensures the safety, reliability, and efficiency of air operations. Its development and implementation are crucial to meeting regulatory standards, maximizing the lifespan of aircraft, and minimizing downtime.
The project begins with a historical review of Air Europa, exploring its evolution and specific needs. This analysis provides a fundamental basis for understanding the context in which the new Maintenance Program is implemented. Key milestones in the airline's history, from its foundation to its current position in the market, are considered, identifying factors that may influence operational strategies and the incorporation of this new fleet.
A detailed analysis is conducted of the advantages of incorporating the B737-MAX fleet into the company, considering economic and operational aspects. Financial benefits, such as fuel efficiency and reduced operating costs, as well as improvements in operational performance and passenger experience, are examined. These aspects are integrated into the Maintenance Program planning, ensuring alignment with Air Europa's strategic objectives.
A crucial component of the project involves a thorough study of the documentation provided by the manufacturer, Boeing. The technical and operational characteristics of the B737-MAX models are explored to
understand their internal functioning and maintenance requirements. This analysis directly translates into the design of the Maintenance Program, ensuring comprehensive coverage of the needs of these next-generation aircraft.
The creation of the Maintenance Program by Air Europa involves integrating knowledge acquired about the airline's history, the advantages of the B737-MAX fleet, and the technical specifications provided by Boeing. The importance of adapting the approach to the peculiarities of the aircraft is highlighted, while simultaneously ensuring compliance with local regulatory requirements according to safety and air operation standards.
Finally, an analysis of the application of the Maintenance Program is conducted to assess its effectiveness and reliability in daily operations. Key metrics, such as downtime reduction, improvement in operational availability, and overall safety of operations, are considered. This analysis contributes to the constant improvement of the program, ensuring the safe and efficient operation of Air Europa's new B737-MAX fleet.
This work comprehensively addresses the development of a Maintenance Program for Air Europa's upcoming B737-MAX fleet. From the historical analysis of the airline to the evaluation of program application, each phase focuses on ensuring safe, efficient air operations aligned with the company's strategic objectives. Proactive anticipation and adaptation to the specific characteristics of the aircraft demonstrate a commitment to excellence in the maintenance and operation of the next-generation fleet.

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