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Títol: Avaluació de la qualitat de l'aigua regenerada per ús hortícola

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Departament: DEAB

Títol: Avaluació de la qualitat de l'aigua regenerada per ús hortícola

Data inici oferta: 27-01-2023      Data finalització oferta: 27-03-2023

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Paraules clau:
Qualitat de l'aigua regenerada, reg Hortícola, Piper, RAS, Microbiològic, Ions

Descripció del contingut i pla d'activitats:
Objectiu general

Avaluar la qualitat de les aigües regenerades per rec hortícola al
Parc agrari del Baix Llobregat.

Objectius específics
- Identificar la producció hortícola al Parc agrari del Baix
- Analitzar la qualitat físic ¿ química de l¿aigua de rec de tres
- Comprovar si la qualitat de l¿aigua compleix amb els estàndards
agronòmics pel reg de cultius hortícoles.

Overview (resum en anglès):
This study aims to evaluate the quality of reclaimed water for horticultural use, considering different parameters, such as nutrient concentration, the presence of microbiological contaminants, and salinity, among others. In addition, we also want to analyze the suitability of this water for use in horticultural irrigation.
Royal Decree 1620/2007, the UNE-ISO_16075-1 guidelines and the FAO agronomic standards have been used to assess the suitability of the water for the Gavà runners, the results obtained in the laboratory have been compared with those maximum and minimum established in each one of them.
It has been observed that for the majority of physical parameters, such as electrical conductivity, suspended solids and turbidity, we are below the designated maximum, in almost all runners. For the chemical parameters we are below the FAO recommendations in all the ions analyzed with the exception of potassium concentrations. Trace elements (metals), are under the màximum levels stated by the FAO. The Sodium adsorption ratio is >3 meq/l, therefore it is above that established in Royal Decree 1620/2007 and phosphorus and sodium are above that established in UNE-ISO_16075-1. And nitrogen exceeds the Royal Decree.
To analyze the composition of salts and dynamics of the water, the Piper's Triangular Diagram has been used, which has indicated that the same type of water is present in all corridors, sodium-potassium chloride, and there are the same marine intrusion problems.
This work plans to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals: SDG 6, Management of Reclaimed Water, SDG 2, Increase Agricultural Productivity and Ensure the Sustainability of food production systems, especially in the context of the Gavà corridors, where the Water demand is high and water resources are limited.

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